Friday, August 20, 2010

Diana Yureni Peiris

Diana Yureni Peiris was born in Paris Ferance. She is now domiciled in Paris, France with her parents. And Diana is not only beauty, but dancer as well. She has chosen to specialize in Kandian Dancing. Her performance were impressive and spectacular. She is young and very fit. Diana is definitely one of those rare Sri Lankan Super Model aspiring to make it big in the glamour world.
diana yureni peiris

Diana highlighted "I have always wanted to return to Sri Lanka because I always sensed a feeling of missing my roots. I'm proud to be Sri Lankan. My dream is to become a Top model and represent my country."

diana yureni peirisdiana yureni peiris

diana yureni

diana yureni

Diana+YureniDiana Yureni

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