Monday, July 23, 2012

Shie Steps with Shashilaa

Shashilaa Perera and her dance troupe comes out in stylish and colourful outfits to be photographed by Kanishka Vidanaarachchi (Studio Feather).

Photographed by Kanishka Vidanaarachchi & Priyanga Dissanayake

Kanishka Vidanaarachchi and Priyanga Dissanayake are Professional photographers who specializes in fashion photography, model portfolios and wedding photography. This copyrighted materials own by the photographer. Under the Intellectual Property Act of Sri Lanka, Copying, Blogging, Distributing, Editing, Publishing or Unauthorized use of these photos are strictly prohibited.

Studio Feather, Battaramulla, 10120 Battaramulla, Sri Lanka.
Kanishka Vidanaarachchi & Priyanga Dissanayake +94 773172816, 773172837
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