Saturday, August 18, 2012

Mesmerizing Madhu by Meesha

Maduwanthi Liyanage is an professional model with a vision and mission to accomplish success in the world of glamour. She comes out in stylish and colourful outfits to be photographed by Meesha. Meesha has used this intuitive to see beyond the range of ordinary, everyday vision. He has a great eye and takes some truly beautiful shots. I just love Meesha’s way of capturing Madu. Some truly imaginative shots in this collections of photographs.
Maduwanthi's make up and hair done by Gayani Batz. Gayani earned a significant reputation in her field of fashion. I (SLS) wish Meesha, Gayani and Madu the best of everything....

Maduwanthi Liyanage

Maduwanthi Liyanage Sri LankaMaduwanthi+Liyanage
 Maduwanthi-LiyanageMaduwanthi Liyanage  


Meesha-GunawardanaPhotographed by Meesha Gunawardana

Meesha Gunawardana is one of the Professional photographers who specializes in fashion photography, wild life, motor shows, teledrama/movie still, model portfolios and wedding photography. He is the Official photographer of the 'The Modelz Magazine'. This copyrighted materials own by Meesha Gunawardana. Distribution, editing and display without owners permission is prohibited.

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