Friday, February 1, 2013

Piumee Vithanage ... Beauty with Brain

Beauty is a precious possession with which every girl is bestowed in some way. Yet the dazzling uniqueness of beauty is not such a luxury that every girl is destined to own by birth and even to last within the process of growing up to be a flamboyant figure that ungulates every soul. Piumee Vithanage is one such mesmerizingly beautiful young lady whose talents and achievements have further hoisted her to stardom in the modeling career overnight. As an undergraduate of the University of Kelaniya she has been proactively engaging in many extracurricular activities Besides her academic work.

Amidst those prospective ventures, she was awarded as the Intra University best Solo Dancer- Modern Classic category in 2012. Her passion to explore the world of modeling has added a new eventful chapter to her life as she was recently crowned as the best Female Model at the Stylish Marketer 2012 which was organized by the Department of Marketing and Management, in the University of Kelaniya.

She appreciates this golden opportunity as an event of transformation that highlighted the versatility of herself and of her fellow top finalists as outstanding and exceptional personalities. She admires her family for being her greatest strength always and offers her sincere gratitude to their choreographer of the event Mr. Brian Kerkoven for his most intimate guidance and for his deserving appreciation of the real talent.

She never forgets to thank her creative and talented designer Kushan Namal Jayasinghe for playing his role at his best in complementing her beauty with the ideal choices of fashion designing. She also highly values the support given by her friends and dear ones and also the enhancement that her personality gained by being a part of AIESEC which is a great platform for the exceptional youngsters like herself. She wishes to go a long way in the career path of modeling whilst in stealing the excellence within her graceful self.

Piumee is indeed a good future prospect and we (SLS) wish her the best.....        

Photo credit : Dulan Fernando and Pulasthi Bandara        

Photographed by Pulasthi Bandara

Pulasthi Bandara is one of the upcoming photographers who specializes in fashion photography, model portfolios and wedding photography. This copyrighted materials own by the photographer. Under the Intellectual Property Act of Sri Lanka, Copying, Blogging, Distributing, Editing, Publishing or Unauthorized use of these photos are strictly prohibited.

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