Thursday, August 22, 2013

Surali Angela Fernando

Surali Angela Fernando is a Sri Lankan born Pop Recording Artist from Los Angeles California. Playback Singer for Sri Lankan Epic Motion Picture "Sri Siddhartha Gautama". Surali  born and raised in Colombo Sri Lanka, Surali has been a performer since the age of 6. Her talents first blossomed at Holy Family Convent Colombo Sri Lanka where she emerged as a promising singer within her school and community.

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After migrating to California at the age of 16 and even at UC Berkeley where she attended college, Surali kept her dream of becoming a professional recording artist alive. She often sang the national anthem at NCAA basketball games and was even chosen to sing for former President Jimmy Carter. Surali's musical influences are many and very diverse as a result of her upbringing in two very different countries. She sings in 3 languages (English, Singhalese and Hindi) and has a global knowledge of music and it's versatility. Apart from her excellent vocal abilities, Surali has always demonstrated excellence as a dancer and stage performer which has only catapulted her potential for stardom. She exudes a certain confidence and stage presence that only comes from a lifetime of pursuing greatness in every aspect of her being. Her music captures her fearless attitude, passion for life, love of the stage and aspirations for greatness.  
Surali recently released her first Dance/Pop single "Last One Standing" via iTunes and Amazon. The song gathered a lot of positive reviews and is currently played on the radio in Sri Lanka. Surali continues to stay on top of her game and is currently in the studio working on her first pop EP. Surali's debut in playback singing for Sri Lankan Cinema was made in the highly anticipated big budget epic motion picture "Sri Siddhartha Gautama" based on the life story of Prince Siddhartha from his birth until his enlightenment into becoming the Buddha. She sang two songs for the film, "Yashodhara Watha" and "Aetha Sasara" as the voice of Princess Yashodhara, wife of Prince Siddhartha. The film will release on January 24th 2013 via EAP films in Sri Lanka and internationally thereafter.

photo credit: Ash Gupta

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