Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Anesta Barnett's photo shoot in Slovenia by Branimir Ritonja

Anesta Barnett needs no introduction to the Sri Lankan arts arena. The multi-talented young individual had already made her mark in the teledrama and movie scene by portraying diverse roles in a number of productions. Now she lives in Maribor, Slovenia and here is her latest photo shoot captured by Branimir Ritonja.
Anesta BarnettAnesta Barnett

Slovenia Model

Anesta playing a significant role in the movies “Samanaliyak Ikibinda”, directed by Prasad Silva and "Sir Last Chance", directed by Roy De Silva. Her role in ‘Yes Boss’ is also being appreciated by the masses which hit the tele screen. She has a very long way to go in this field and we(SLS) wish her the best. Original Article (do not steal my blog posts)
Original Article (do not steal my blog posts)
Anesta BarnettAnesta-Barnett
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Branimir Ritonja

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