Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Professional MUA in Italy Clelia Bastari

I have quite a few FaceBook friends in Italy and Rochelle Melani Fernando needs no introduction to my readers. She was introduce few professional photographers in Italy to me. Luca Mosconi is one among them. Today I blog her Makeup Artist to my readers, Clelia Bastari. I hope this blogpost will help our readers specially Photographers, Models & MUA's for their career. Luca Mosconi and Clelia Bastari will be here in Sri Lanka on next month.

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27 years old Clelia Bastari(born February 25, 1984) loved art from his toddler days. From painting to dance, theatre and performance she was always attracted by the image, the shape, their body, the colour and expression. This gradually became her passion and that's what helped her to become a good renowned artist she is today. She started her journey as a make up artist (MUA) first by working in the theatre as their makeup artist. In 2007 she began a colloboration with Luca Mosconi a photographer, he works with him for his shoots of publicity. Clelia is very good at making experiments with creative tricks for clever projects. In the same year, she also began a colloboration with the photographer continuing with her line of new creative tricks.

clelia-bastariclelia bastari

During the years that followed she had other colloborations with other famous people in the field. By then having moved to Milan she was able to make new colloborations. During the past years he has also worked at 'studio' with the production of videos including with one DJ and singer.

Among her recent work lies the grooming and doing the makeup for the photographer Luca Mosconi, the Sri lankan born but well known model in Italy Melani Fernando.

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Clelia Bastariclelia_bastari

Most Photographed by Luca Mosconi

Luca Mosconi is a photographer 'real' on the move, not just physical. For over 20 years working on every kind of subject in any context, but a little 'by chance, a bit'choice, how long it had never confronted with photographic genres which included people as the subject. The underlying theme of each different work great passion, the curiosity of discover and learn new things, the eternal desire to see how far it is capable of reaching.

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