Monday, September 26, 2011

Groundbreaking Designs by Buddhi Batiks at Pret 2011

Groundbreaking Designs by Buddhi Batiks at Pret 2011. Darshi Keerthisena, Director/Head of Design, Buddhi Batiks has been working with a major manufacturer of swim wear in Sri Lanka on a range of Buddhi Batiks branded swim wear, which together with the accompanying batik cover-ups (kaftans, robes, beach wraps, skirts, etc) and accessories, will form a complete range of swim wear aimed at the European and UK market.

Showroom: 'Buddhi' , 32 Ward Place, Colombo 7, Sri Lanka.
Tel: +94 112689488
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Each piece that is produced at Buddhi Batiks is hand-painted in wax by these talented artisans, and hand-dyed by experienced dye masters in a seemingly unlimited variety of colours, ranging from the most vibrant of hues to the subtlest, softest pastels and creams. The piece is then boiled and sun dried, and the process repeated over for every additional colour. Each piece is therefore a unique product of several artisans' tender care; each piece is a unique work of batik art. source:

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