Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Stunning Beautician and Hairdresser Chanudi Niluka Kodikara

Chanudi Niluka Kodikara is a well qualified expert in the field of fashion for past 10 years. Salon Niluka located in Kandy is a professional salon that has over 10 years of experience in the industry. She has re-created styles into elegant works of art for famous faces both in Sri Lanka as well as abroad. Glimpse of her latest shoot captured by Randika.

Salon Niluka, No 73, Kotugodella Street, Kandy, Sri Lanka.
Tel: +94 812 202144-5

Niluka Kodikara Hair and Beauty, 430B, High Level Road, Gansaba Junction, Nugegoda, Sri Lanka.

Niluka salon's gives you a personalized service surrounded by friendly staff including facials (gold, silver, crystal, whiting), face lifting, dry skin treatments , eye treatment, latest cuts and styles (ladies and gents) , bridal dressing, skin lighting treatments, scalp treatments, pimple treatment, clean up, oil treatments, dandruff treatments, relaxing, high lights and many more.
We (SLS) wish Niluka and his team the best of everything.

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