Friday, September 7, 2012

NAAGIN - The Modelz Magazine 7th issue

Amanda Silva comes out in stylish and colourful outfits to be photographed by Raffealla Fernando for The Modelz Magazine 7th issue. NAAGIN THE LADY COBRA IS BACK.....A ROMANTIC STORY OF AN ICHCHADAARI NAAGIN WHO IS BACK FOR REVENGE... AFTER FOR THE KILLER OF HER NAAG RAJ AND IN SEARCH OF HER TRUE LOVE.....

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About the Photographer...

Raffealla Fernando adjudged the winner of the 'Up and coming Fashion Designer 2010' . A bubbly and happy personality, Raffealla was freelancing as a designer. She is one of the Professional photographers who specializes in fashion photography. She had already completed a degree in Fashion Design at International Academy of Design. She is very positive about the future of fashion Design in the country and her own role in it. Raffealla Fernando +94 771010973

Raffealla Fernando Raffealla_Fernando

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