Sunday, September 2, 2012

Osenka Shani Jayawardena

Osenka Shani Jayawardena is an old girl of SUJATHA VIDYALAYA & Specialist for Professional Bridal dressing, Beauty culture, Stage Drama, Beautician , Make up artist & Modeling. Also she is an instructor conducts beauty cultural programmers and promoting activities of Modeling. She comes out in stylish and colourful outfits to be photographed by Deepal Gomes at her Salon OSENKA. We(SLS) wish the talented young lass all the success in her future endeavours.

Osenka Jayawardena
Shani Jayawardena
Osenka Shani Jayawardena


Photographed by Deepal Gomes 

Deepal Gomes is one of the Professional photographers who specializes in fashion photography, model portfolios and wedding photography. This copyrighted materials own by the photographer. Under the Intellectual Property Act of Sri Lanka, Copying, Blogging, Distributing, Editing, Publishing or Unauthorized use of these photos are strictly prohibited.

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