Friday, July 1, 2011

Back Street with Chamila Asanka

Chamila Asanka quite slim and reasonably tall for what it takes to be a successful model. Pictured here is her latest photo shoot title, Back Street with Chamila Asanka by Amila C. Kumarasinghe. SLS

Costumes - Twinza Designs and Salon
Hair & Make up - Chami Asanka
Lighting and Photography - Amila C. Kumarasinghe
Location - Millennium City

Chamila Asanka



Chamila Asanka sri lanka

Chamila asanka Sri Lanka

Chamila Asanka

Photographed by Amila C. Kumarasinghe

Amila C. Kumarasinghe is the head of Animation & Compositing, 3D & VisualFX Compositor at Heritage Television Networks (Pvt) LTD. He is one of the Professional photographers who specializes in fashion photography, model portfolios and wedding photography. This copyrighted materials own by the photographer, "Urbanwest Photography" and Under the Intellectual Property Act of Sri Lanka, Copying, Distributing, Editing, Publishing or Unauthorized use of these photos are strictly prohibited.

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