Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Moods of Shereen Kumaratunga

Shereen Kumaratunga (Shereen Priyanka Senaratne) needs no introduction to the Sri Lankan arts arena. Shereen is a woman who plays many roles. Being a dancer, a singer, a beautician, an actress, and a caring mother she has managed to climb the heights of success up to today, she is also a successful woman and an entrepreneur. She is the director of S_Three and wife of former actor and Minister Jeevan Kumaratunge. S3 is a new venture of Entertainment Marketing and Event Management Private Limited. Original Article (do not steal my blog posts)

Shereen Kumaratunga SRI LANKA

Shereen KumaratungaShereen Kumaratunga

Shereen Kumaratunga sri lanka

Shereen Kumaratunga

This images own by Shereen Kumaratunga. Under the Intellectual Property Act of Sri Lanka, Copying, Distributing, Editing, Publishing or Unauthorized use of these photos are strictly prohibited.

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