Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The ever Glittering Kaushalya Madhavi

Kaushalya Madhavi needs no introduction to the Sri Lankan arts arena. She completed her degree in Fashion Designing and studied at Royal Institute International School. Right now she is in big demand for photo shoot and commercials. She is presenting in Subasiri and Chamathkara TV programms. Madhavi always ready with a charming smile. She is indeed a good future prospect and we (SLS) wish her the best. Original Article srilankan-star.blogspot.com (do not steal my blog posts)

Stunning TV Presenter Kaushalya Madhavi, click here...

Kaushalya MadhaviKaushalya_Madhavi


Kaushalya MadhaviKaushalya Madhavi sri lanka

Madhavikaushalya madavee

kaushalya madawi

kaushalya madavikaushalya madhavi

lalinda ranaweeraPhotographed by Lalinda Ranaweera at Studio79

Lalinda Ranaweera is one of the Professional photographers who specializes in fashion photography, model portfolios and wedding photography. This copyrighted materials own by the photographer. Distribution, editing and display without owners permission is prohibited.

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