Monday, July 4, 2011

Mesmerizing Malki Perera

Malki Perera is currently one of fashion's hottest models in Slough, United Kingdom. Malki is a model who shot straight to the top of her profession. She is the owner at 'malkis'. She was educated at Cavandish College. There is one obvious difference that is immediately apparent when I chat with her via FaceBook. She freely admits her lack of knowledge of the business when she began modeling. Malki says she is keen to get into the modelling world at the age of 20. Her latest photoshoot captured by Meesha recently. her hair and make-up done by Gayani Batz.
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Malki is an model, dancer, teacher, a multi-faceted colourful personality, tremendously popular not only in Sri Lanka but also in United Kingdom. There is no doubt about it. Her striking features and friendly youthful appearance would pull at anybody's heart. We (SLS)wishes the talented young lass all the success in her future endeavours.

Meesha GunawardanaPhotographed by Meesha Gunawardana

Meesha Gunawardana is one of the Professional photographer who specializes in fashion photography, model portfolios and wedding photography. He is the Official photographer of the 'The Modelz Magazine'. This copyrighted materials own by Meesha Gunawardana. Distribution, editing and display without owners permission is prohibited.

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