Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mesmerizing Morina Dassanayake

Morina Dassanayake is a woman who plays many roles. Being a dancer, a singer, a beautician, an actress, and a caring mother she has managed to climb the heights of success up to today, she is also a successful woman and an entrepreneur. This affable, talented personality had a chat with the SLS about her journey in acting and beauty culture.
Morina Dassanayake

Always ready with a charming smile and a mischievous twinkle in the eye. Her flawless complexion, shapely arched eyebrows, intense eyes, a combined classic look say it all. There is no doubt about it. Her delight is evident for she feels quite at home in the natural Sri Lankan backdrop.

Morina has stepped into the field of performing arts during her schooldays and she’s Finally talking about her future plans, Career Wise, besides her full time job in a prestigious bank, she is planning to pursue her passion in stage acting, dancing & modeling.

Morina DassanayakeMorina Dassanayake

In fact, she has an upcoming movie on March of next year in which she will portray a lead role and it will be produced by Keith Ranga. On top of that, as a proud sri lankan lives in Los Angeles , she continuously express her desire to devote her free time in getting involved in charitable works for the benefits of less privilege people in Sri Lanka.

In fact, she performed in Ranwan Rayak show for last 4 years and will continue to be a part of the show to solicit funds which proceeds of that will go to disabled Sri Lankan soldiers who offered their life to protect and serve our country.

Beyond that her goal to be a good ambassador to her fellow men, still no one can deny that her biggest achievement in life is being a caring and loving mother to her two beautiful kids whom she draws strengths and inspiration from.

Photo credits: Pramudith Thenabadu

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